Management: Management is doing the right things.

Leadership: Leadership is doing things right.


Tom Moore

Tom Moore is a cross border businessman in the United States and Canada. Mr. Moore is well versed in the field of Medical Marijuana and its benefits. He has managed and dealt with the logistics of input and output efficiencies in numerous industries that will be applied to the company’s business client base.


Vitali Shevchenko

Vital Shevchenko is an international entrepreneur whose business has taken him to the United States, Canada, Russia and Eastern Europe. Mr. Shevchenko was a former NHL Player Agent securing endorsements and multi-million dollar contracts for his clients. He has also owned and operated restaurants, nightclubs and casinos. In addition, Mr. Shevchenko has acted as a consultant who was instrumental in negotiating and securing several successful mining projects from Ukraine.


WeeMed America Management

Mission Statement

WeeMed America Management is in the business of:

  • Organizing and supervising the inputs and outputs of the medical marijuana delivery service in an efficient manner
  • Overseeing the procurement of goods and services from external sources and managing relations with those involved in processes and improving the client’s sustainability with regard to its use of resources
  • Implementing cost effective methods for the logistics of supplying and delivering of goods


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